Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deb might come home soon

Deb is recovering from surgery as expected. We haven't seen any post-operative complications, so the main thing that is keeping her in the hospital is the need for IV tubes. Today they have her trying to eat semi-normal food and take her medication in pill form. If that all works, she could come home as soon as tomorrow.

My plan had been to go to the hospital every day and hang around reading and using the hospital wireless internet while she dozed. But I've had a cold and they've been keeping her in a ward of transplant patients, where sick visitors are discouraged for obvious reasons. I was feeling particularly chipper yesterday afternoon, so I drove in (about 60-90 minutes each way, depending on traffic) and spent a little over an hour with her before I felt a coughing fit coming on and left. Today I'm a little worse again, and I'm planning to spend what energy I have getting the apartment straightened up.

We still have heard nothing from the pathologists who are studying the lump of liver the surgeon took out. Nobody has made any promises, but I'm expecting to get a report by the end of the week.

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