Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biopsy complete. Now we wait.

We are back home now. The biopsy is done and we won't have results until sometime next week.

We arrived at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston at 7:30. We had stayed with friends in Lexington Tuesday night so that we wouldn't have to drive quite so far.

After some prep, Deb was taken away for the procedure at around 9. Conceptually, it's pretty simple: They gave her a local anesthetic, hooked up an ultrasound machine so that they could see what they were doing, and stuck a needle into the mysterious part of her liver. They had to stick her twice before they were confident that they had what they wanted -- which we had been warned was about average.

I got to see her again about 10:30. She was drowsy (and I wasn't much better) so we did nothing in particular while the nurses waited to see if it was safe to take her home. They had her drink some juice, eat two small muffins, and walk around a little. None of that produced any bad result, so they let us leave at about 1.

She's got two band-aids on her side, and a small bruise. We stopped for lunch on the way home; she had a good appetite and seemed to enjoy eating. We were back in Nashua a little after 3.

She's planning to stay home from work tomorrow, and doesn't usually work on Fridays anyway. Monday we have an appointment with the oncologist. (That's another wrinkle: The oncologist we've been seeing for 15 years is on leave, so we'll be dealing with somebody we don't know.) The biopsy results may or may not be available by then, but we'll talk about possibilities and treatments.

Offers to help are pouring in -- as they did in 1996 and 2003 -- but so far there isn't much to do. We're planning a lazy weekend.


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