Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Story So Far

I'm Doug Muder. Deb Bodeau is my wife. We're in our 50s and have been married since 1984. We're the kind of couple who finish each other's sentences and give a significant amount of thought each day to the question of how to make each other happy.

Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. It was a harrowing experience, with nine months of really intense treatment. I thought she would die; she thought she would live. I was happy to be wrong.

In 2003 she had a completely different cancer. Even the surgeon had trouble figuring out what kind of tumor it was, and I was once again pretty sure she was dying until a few days later when the pathologist identified it as a gastro-intestinal stromal tumor (GIST) that would respond to the new miracle drug Gleevec.

Return to normal. Eight years go by.

Last week the semi-annual CT scan found something in her liver. We're having it biopsied the day after tomorrow.

For the earlier cancers, I sent news via email to our friends and relatives, and collected my emails on a web page. They make a compelling story. I sometimes get email from strangers who are dealing with their own (or their spouse's) health problems.

I'm still sending the emails, but it seems obvious now that these belong on a blog rather than a 1990s-style web page.

The update that's missing from the web page is from last fall -- I didn't write one. I had stopped worrying about the semi-annual CT scans and assumed everyone else had too. This time, I wasn't happy to be wrong.

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