Friday, May 20, 2011

Still looking better than expected

After the pathologists had another couple days to look at Deb's biopsy, they came to the same conclusions: not breast cancer, not a GIST, probably something very rare called epithelioid angiomyolipoma. It's a serious thing, but (as Dr. Pandya says) "very good news compared to the other scenarios we were considering".

The liver surgeon has looked at the CT images, and says he can take the growth out. We don't know when that will happen. We're meeting the surgeon Wednesday to find out what surgery and recovery entails.

We hope to get a definite surgery date then, but we'll see. The good news that this might be less life-threatening that it first appeared has the associated bad news that removing it may not be as high a priority for the surgery-scheduling people.

The mood in our household is considerably improved. We have learned not to put too much trust in needle biopsies, so we won't really relax until a pathologist looks at what the surgeon takes out. But active disaster planning has been suspended.

When I know something more, I'll pass it on.

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  1. Continuing to hold you both with love. Given the date, also singing a song you know well several times this evening. "And I feel Fine."

    Sending to your best and highest good.